Sunday, February 28, 2010

Its Summer time again!!

Summer -The season that I hate the most,is back with all its fury! Not only do I hate it, but also long for the clouds pour onto us.

The exams that come in this season are the most dreaded ones,as I just can't sit in one place and study in such a climate.During school days, the only attraction about summer was the 2 month long vacation that followed these exams.Even though I couldn't make a time table for revision, I was an expert in planning my vacation-how to divide the days among friends and relatives,whom all to visit,what all games to play etc etc...

The two months will get over like anything.Again,its time to get back to textbooks,home works...Still there would be something that would make me excited-The thought of new books,bags,uniforms....Apart from all these there was a reason,infact the most important reason why I liked the school reopening time after vacation- It would be raining !!!! I love rain...I am madly in love with rain...The smell of the mud when it get soaked in the first droplets of rain-Awesome!!!I would just wait for the first rain.. I just love to sit and watch rain just like a die-hard fan of a film star watching a super duper hit movie of his hero.

In school there was a mayflower tree.At the time of school reopening in June,the flowers from the tree might have fallen in the rain.It looked as if the tree had rolled out a red carpet for herloved ones to welcome them back to their school. The sight of the red flowers scattered all over the ground is still there in my mind,whenever I think about rain and my school. Butsome time back I visited my school only to find that the tree is no more there.They had cut it down due to 'space constraints'.What was lost with that tree was a handful of drenched Mayflowers and some lovely memories.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone are the days..

I opened the sms inbox to read this:

“Memories ….leave you alone when you r in a crowd…
When you r alone they stand along with you like a crowd”

I had been to my college, IHRD, a few days back…felt like being surrounded by those ever-green memories …I could feel them, hear them, see them ….but all deep inside my heart…I wished they all were real,I wished I was back in the White & Grey uniform.

With jealousy filled my mind, I looked at the new faces that passed thro’ the verandah as if the campus was their own.I tried to see the old faces in them. I felt like telling them “Once this was my world”. I know, once all these new faces will become old.And will have to give way to another set of new faces…I felt relieved when this thought came into my mind. In campus, faces never remain the same. But the feelings, thoughts and motions that they carry when they come in and go out are almost the same. We have to accept it.

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