Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life Goes On..But..

Memories keep pouring in... I thought they might have faded off….no they haven’t… those grey old eyes…

It is tough to sit beside a loved one who has lost the ability to make out who you are…I sat near him and looked into those grey old eyes. He gave me a blank look. Do you recognize me? Do you know that you loved me a lot? Do you know that you cared for me a lot? Do you know that you used to come to see me whenever possible?

  It is tough to stand beside the lifeless body of a loved one….Those grey old eyes are closed for ever. I knew very well that he won’t wake up from his final sleep….One last time I gently touched his bald head to feel the warmth of his love.But I could sense only the chillness of death…it pricks your heart so badly… tries to make you believe that your loved one would never ever return…but I want you back.

He went deep into the mud….it was raining heavily. Everyone tried to save themselves from getting was easy to hide the tears….Good bye Grand Pa...Good bye for ever..
Life shuttles between  home and office.Weekends gets shorter than week days...Daily night I just fall onto the bed only to wake up to the sound of my mobile's alarm. 
Life goes on...but certain things remains unchanged- at least for me...The little girl in me still long for your presence and for the affection that you gave me....I miss those lovely songs that you used to sing for me... and those small gifts that you used to bring me.
From deep inside my heart I can see those grey old eyes looking at me with lots of love....I can hear him singing for me...Grand Pa, I Miss you !