Sunday, March 24, 2013

A “Fair”y Tale- Cindrella Rediscovered

*A bedtime story made by my 4 year old Ammu to put me to sleep. Yes, at times she becomes my mom; sings me songs,nursery rhymes and tells me stories, when she feels that I am exhausted. Some of them would be her own creations like this one..

Once upon a time there lived a fair and beautiful girl named Cindrella in a village. On a summer day she was taking a stroll in a garden and she found a lovely little frog beneath a bush. She picked him up. Suddenly the frog became a Chocolate ice-cream. Cindrella ate the ice-cream.

The ice-cream reached her stomach and it became frog again. Her stomach started aching. 



Cindrella went to a doctor. The doctor examined her and prescribed to have only cake, chicken and fish. Cindrella followed doctor’s instructions and had only cake, chicken and fish. But her skin started to go dark and dry. Cindrella lost all her beauty. So she went and bought a fairness cream. She applied the cream and thus she became fair again !