Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh my teeth! said Kookkoo

*After the Cindrella story,the latest creation by my 4 year old Ammu .May be she is inspired by her/her friend's bitter experiences due to bad teeth :) 


 Once upon a time, in a big forest there lived a big monster and her baby named Kookkoo. Kookkoo was happy all the time. Kookkoo played in the rain and ran with the wind. He pluck the flowers and sang with the birds. He climbed the trees and ate the fruits. He swam in the river and swayed on the climbers. But Kookkoo always forgot something which was very very important. He forgot to brush his teeth- always and always! So Kookkoo started getting teeth aches. But Kookkoo kept on neglecting his lovely little teeth. Finally it ached,ached and ached like hell. Kookkoo couldn't sit or stand or sleep. He couldn't sing or dance or play.Kookkoo’s mom decided to take him to a dentist in the town nearby.

The road was slippery and they had not seen the muddy pond near the road. They fell into the pond. It had very little water but they couldn’t get out it as the sides of the pond were tall and slippery. “Somebody please help!” They cried out. Two kids, Appu and Ammu who came that way heard their cry. Appu and Ammu saw the monsters in the pond and thought of ways to take the monsters out of the pond. “I have an idea”, shouted Ammu.
 They brought a garden hose and started filling the pond with water. As the water level rose, the monsters came up floating and they swam out of water. The monsters thanked Appu and Ammu and continued their journey.

They reached the hospital. The dentist asked Kookkoo to sit down. “Krunk !” the chair broke and Kookkoo fell down. The doctor said “Oh I am sorry. We can’t treat monsters here. You are too heavy for our chair.” The monsters returned sadly. On the way back they met Appu and Ammu. They told the kids all that had happened.

“Appu, shall we help them to pluck Kookkoo’s teeth?”, Ammu asked. “Sure Ammu,” Appu replied.They brought their cute Kitty cat. They tied one end of a thread onto Kookkoo’s bad teeth and the other end to Kitty’s tail. “Run Kitty run !” Appu said aloud and Kitt
y started running here and there. But the teeth didn’t come out. Appu and Ammu were sad. Ammu said, “We need someone stronger.” Suddenly they heard someone walking. It was the Biggy Black Elephant. Appu and Ammu asked, “Uncle Biggy , can you please help us to pluck Kookkoo’s teeth?”
“Why not,  children?”Appu and Ammu found a strong creeper.
One end, they tied onto Kookkoo’s bad teeth and the other to the trunk of Uncle Biggy.
Ready 1….2….3 ! There came out the bad teeth. Kookkoo was happy and he thanked everyone. He decided to brush his teeth daily.