Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where the mind is without fear *

 Dear Isaipriya**,
The video was a blurred one. I saw you for the first time; you looked very tired and your body was scantily clad. There might be many reasons and justifications for your government and army for your capture as I could gather from all over the internet. In fact I searched more about you and your country. I understand that the terrible environment which prompted to you to join a terrorist group was certainly not a choice, but a necessity for your people. For fulfilling your dreams. Dreams about a better tomorrow. Dreams about freedom. Dreams about a world where the mind is without fear and the head is held high*.Dreams about a world where your innocent sisters and brothers are not stripped, blindfolded and shot at point blank range.
I now understand the value of freedom that prevails in the air that I breathe. I feel relieved to see my dear and near ones being safe and secure. I happily realize that the children of my country don’t have to learn to use the gun.

I  can't forget your melodious voice with which you sang a song which, was said to be supporting the suicide bombers. I still can't forget the tired voice with which you said that you were not Prabhakaran’s daughter even when no one bothered to listen or believe. I still can’t forget your bold face and shining eyes. I still can’t forget your partially closed eyes; which never opened later on to see the fate of your dear ones. Atleast, you didn’t have to live to suffer more torture than what you went through. I can’t even say RIP, for it means to ‘Rest’ in ‘Peace’, the two words, totally unfamiliar to you. Whoever you are, you definitely deserved a better life. And of course, a better death.

Let your dreams come true.
Let your youth have a bright future.
Let there be smiles that come from hearts.
Let your children play with toys and dolls.
Let your loved ones return home safely.
Let your people grow old and die.

Into such a heaven of freedom,
Let your country awake*.

Your sister, who hails from a better land.